Daily Discovery #108: SLOWCOACHES

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Daily Discovery #108: SLOWCOACHES

If a soundtrack was needed to epitomise 2016, the loud, fast and brash nature of SLOWCOACHES couldn’t be more ideal… And they’ve just released their debut album.

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Supercharged. In your face. The tracks sound like a non-stopping train. Taking your breath away with speed and power as they hurtle passed, most of which clocking in at under 3 minutes. They’re everything you want from a noise-pop, punk inspired group, bitter at what the world has dealt them. With a niggling fear of the potential of a dystopian future in 2017 the album could be considered therapy.

Lyrically SLOWCOACHES are uncompromising. ‘It’s Boring, You’re Boring’ is splurted out over driven guitars on Norms & Values. No time for double meanings and metaphor, here we talk straight in uncomplicated punk statements.

The group have just finished a tour around the UK and dabbled in European shores. After time spent working alongside music, sleeping in vans and coping with the usual stresses of being in a group, parts of the record could be born out of collective frustration.. Let alone the current political swing around the globe.

The album is released on a limited 300 run of splatter vinyl available through Bandcamp.

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