Daily Discovery #109: LEØ

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Daily Discovery #109: LEØ

The innocent one’s side of the story, here’s a tale of a broken relationship by LEØ full of vulnerability and sorrow.

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With a similar innocence to the vocals of Let’s Eat Grandma, Chloe Pilkington of LEØ delivers an emotive tale of heartbreak with ease. Soft, emotive and delicate, this vocal style is one which speaks directly to you and pulls you into the middle of the love story. The electronic track behind the vocals features a calming mix of drums and altered keys and provides an atmospherical space for the vocals to take centre stage.

LEØ are a trio from Brisbane, made up of Chloe Pilkington, Callum MacDonald, Joshua Black. Ghost is the second single they have released ahead of their debut EP titled Young, out on 12th January 2017. The first single released from the EP is a tad more upbeat in sound, equally atmospherical and a pleasant listen!