Daily Discovery #110: Caitlin Pasko

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Caitlin Pascko

Daily Discovery #110: Caitlin Pasko

Beautifully withheld vocals to float above a simple piano chord melody, this is the stunning work of CAITLIN PASKO.

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It’s simple, there’s only a few layers to the track, but it’s got a huge impact. Caitlin Pasko has the ability to cut through the loudest audiences. The further in you get to the story of Barking Dog, the more the atmosphere builds with strings added and the electronic sounds from the intro reintroduced.

The delicacy of Caitlin’s voice brings so much raw emotion to the forefront. Even if Caitlin was singing about the set up of a kitchen, the matching of her soft vocals with the simple piano would be enough to bring tears to your eyes. It’s quite simply beautiful. Caitlin wrote the track about the passing of her dad and if you listen to the lyrics it’s even harder to keep the emotion down in yourself. Sharing the track on her Facebook page, Cailin wrote this:

“I started writing this song as a meditation on anxiety and discomfort, but it ended up as a song about my dad — a meditation on my relationship with him, before and after his sudden death, as well as a stream of consciousness around how my anxieties lifted during the first stages of grief. Yesterday marks two years since his passing, and I’m so grateful to be able to release it today in his honor. <3″

The track is the first single released off her album Glass Period with Henry Terepka which is due for release in February.

For now though, here are her socials: FACEBOOK | SOUNDCLOUD