Daily Discovery #111: Dorsal Fins

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Dorsal Fins

Daily Discovery #111: Dorsal Fins

Making full use of the stereo capabilities, this uplifting sound is the combination of  the nine talented individuals that make up DORSAL FINS.

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There’s so many of them that you can’t even see them all in the picture above! But with nine of them in the band, that’s nine influences on the sound. This track High Low impressively pulls together a number of genres, from dance to rock to synth pop and perhaps that’s why it’s so addictive to listen to throughout. It slows and strips back, and keeps twisting into something new. A real feel good track.

Dorsal Fins are based in Mebourne and they’ve just released this video to go alongside their latest release High Low, a pixelated colourful woods walk:

High Low is their latest single, and is taken from their new album, Digital Zodiac – which you can order over here. They’re going on tour next year…but it’s just in Australia so for now you’ll have to keep up to date on their socials: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | SOUNDCLOUD