Daily Discovery #112: Rhys

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Daily Discovery #112: Rhys

A gentle pairing of soft muffled electric guitar and the beautiful vocals of RHYS make this a really pleasing listen.

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A story of forgiveness, the track matches the simple and stripped bare element of the message with in it. A soft, basic pattern on an electric guitar opens the piece setting the tone. When Rhys’ vocals come in, you might just melt a little. She’s got a beautiful depth and tone to her voice which seems to come so easily.

“So pick and choose the course of action
Forget about the past, tell me now what you prefer
I don’t need another cold and hard rejection
Even though it might just be what I deserve”

Rhys is from Stockholm, Sweden and is signed with Warner Bros… although under 1000 likes on Facebook at the moment…with singer/songwriter talent in abundance, and the backing of Warner – we reckon she might just be one to keep an eye on…