Daily Discovery #113: Fake Laugh

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Fake Laugh

Daily Discovery #113: Fake Laugh

An indie pop track with a heart of gold – all proceeds going to Shelter this Christmas.

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This track by Fake Laugh follows a simple melodic pattern the whole way through, one to lodge itself in your mind to be mentally hummed again and again.

Thinking about the little things you do
Gets me feeling kind of blue
Thinking about the little things you say
Makes me wanna fade away

Fake Laugh is Kamran Khan from London. His tracks tend to be infectious indie pop numbers, and Little Things fits in nicely to his collection. His style of vocals are easy, and effortless – they’re delivered in a casual conversational tone to make you want to get involved. It’s almost a friendly sound providing company.

Heres his last release, I Made A Sound:

All proceeds from Little Things are being donated to Shelter, so if you like the track head over here to download it.