Daily Discovery #114: Mating Ritual

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Mating Ritual

Daily Discovery #114: Mating Ritual

Take a chance on this excuse to let go by MATING RITUAL in his latest single.

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A cheerful melody rings through your ears as the track opens, like a friend that won’t give up until you get ready to go out. The track’s about going out, letting go, and having fun before you “kick the bucket”. It’s a feel good number that you don’t need to read too much into, just pop it on and enjoy the opportunity to switch off from important things…

I hear the graveyard calling
Yeah it sucks getting old but how you gonna stop it?

Mating Ritual is Ryan Marshall Lawhon from Los Angeles, and he says his creative style comes from a life on the move, relocating twice a year until he was 18. How You Gonna Stop It is released ahead of his same titled debut album to be released in two parts; Volume I on January 24th – and Volume II on April 25th. The album was recorded across two years  across many different locations. About his recording techniques, Ryan Marshall Lawhon says:

“A great studio allows you to record your vision with utmost clarity and definition…but for this record I wanted to play with the juxtaposition of properly recorded parts against recordings of varying fidelity and grit to make the whole thing a more unexpected textural experience. Tracking in weird acoustic environments like marble hallways or the state room of a budget cruise liner provide rigid textures that might be viewed as mistakes in a traditional studio tracking room.”

You can read more about why Mating Ritual is releasing his album in two parts here.