Daily Discovery #115: bed.

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Daily Discovery #115: bed.

bed. As simple as that. Embracing the beauty of lo-fi their latest offering explores women in society in stunning style.

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There’s a definite stage in life. The stage where it becomes OK to have a comfy pair of shoes just for wearing around the house. Often tucked away when guests come around it’s time to pull them out with the slacker pants in order to fully appreciate bed.

With a lo-fi feel to the record it’s commanded by an engine growl of a guitar. It’s got a pretty relaxed pace with gentle melodies, topped off with whimsy vocals meandering over the surface of the record. Almost dreamy with a solid and strong core. Uncaring but with great attention to tightness of the track.

‘Girl’ acts as the opener to the trio’s debut EP. Busy recording in their hometown of Portland, music blog Overblown caught up with the lead singer Sierra Haager. Talking about the record she offers 5 inspirations behind it, many focusing on women in society:

‘I’ve watched my closest female friends run circles around their male counterparts professionally, creatively and intellectually, while they develop eating disorders in efforts to better appeal to a generation of men who still aren’t super clear on what a clitoris is. In the world of music, I don’t know very many women who aren’t the survivors of sexual violence or emotional abuse.’

The LP is due for release in 2017. You can connect more here: Facebook | Twitter