Daily Discovery #116: Amy Gillespie

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Amy Gillespie

Daily Discovery #116: Amy Gillespie

Tantalisingly tranquil, the latest work from Amy Gillespie demonstrates her enchanting vocal style alongside tender song writing.

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Amy has a wonderful aura to her work. Her duck down vocals sooth every sense as they meander over babbling guitars. It’s the style of music that places you into a thoughtful, ponderous state as you let it wash through you; the perfect nightcap to a hectic day.

Hailing from Devon, the now London based artist already has one EP under her belt.  Citing Joni Mitchell as one of her main inspirations, she dedicates the featured song ‘Wintertime’ to Joni’s album ‘Blue’. Within Amy’s style the influence of that album is clear to see. Beautiful, honest lyrics with the emphasis placed heavily on her vocals. Many of her tracks are self produced and recorded and its refreshing to hear some of the atmosphere to the records. Room hum and bleed can add so much warmth to a track.

With 2017 already shaping up nicely, Amy has promised new music. She describes what’s to come as ‘lo-fi, shoegaze, indie sounds’ hopefully sticking to her core retaining some of the delicate song writing.

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