Daily Discovery #117: Lula

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Daily Discovery #117: Lula

A Synth is not an easy tool to master. With a world of possibilities at your fingertips, Lula shows just what it can do.

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There’s something addictive about electronic music. From the geek point of view there’s always a little bit of awe at the strange and intriguing sounds that can be produced from a synth. Lula is a London based artist who has cracked that infectious vibe. With a fairly summer sounding, upbeat tone, she combines vocal effects and vibrant pop to craft her own unique style… Plus she’s done a Sugababes cover.

Recently winning the Critic’s Choice award from the fab Best of British Podcast she was also nominated for Best Unsigned Female. Her tracks provide both that impromptu toe tap that you frowned about your dad doing whilst he wore socks and sandals, and that bigger connection with the music. 2017 will see her grow her sound even more with the ambition to seek out further awards!

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