Daily Discovery #119: Dead Pretties

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dead pretties

Daily Discovery #119: Dead Pretties

If you can used the word ‘rugged’ to describe music; this is it. Here’s the brilliantly grainy sound of DEAD PRETTIES.

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This debut of Dead Pretties is a pretty big statement for whats to come. Energy, attitude and addictiveness are in abundance. For those into a little rough around the edges, the raspy vocals with the electric guitar does the trick. As the track builds, you might just get disappointed the track is over at 3 minutes – but hey, there’s always repeat.

Dead Pretties are Jacob, Oscar and Ben from London.

If they weren’t already releasing a 7″, we’d be quick to approach these guys for our vinyl record club! That 7″ – it features this new single Social Experiment on a limited run, pressed with Nice Swan Records. It’s out on 7th Feb, here.

Speaking of our record club, (we press up and coming artists to limited edition vinyl and post it to our members with craft beer/cider  every month – see here) Dead Pretties have the same raucous sound of Trudy and The Romance – the guys we pressed to vinyl in November for our club. If you’ve not heard of them, check them out.