Daily Discovery #120: BANFI

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Daily Discovery #120: BANFI

BANFI are three guys from London – and this track is the indie dream.

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Rosedale House by BANFI is serious indie perfection. The vocals, the guitars, and the pauses. Sometimes there’s nothing better than pauses in music. It’s like waiting at the start line before a race. They create suspense and excitement, and this track uses two of them, brilliantly. The drums silence out and you realise just how much you want to hear more of the track you didn’t realise you were loving so much.

Behind this indie guy’s dream, are Joe Banfi, Aaron Graham and Chris McCuaig from London. They got together in 2015, and are currently working on their first album, signed with Communion Music. There’s only one other track released from these guys, and it’s Happy When You Go. It’s a little more subdued, and shows we should be getting some variety in the debut album, exciting huh!

Here’s that debut single:

They’ve got a number of dates lined up across the UK – including Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Brighton. Check them out here.