Daily Discovery #123: Cleo T.

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Cleo T

Daily Discovery #123: Cleo T.

A piece of art made into music – explore the phenomenon of CLEO T.

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The music video for Look At Me I’m A Horse goes hand in hand with the track. It’s hypnotising, and matches the pace of the music. If anything, it completes the track – mirrors the feeling of running away, getting away and escaping to the open road.

It’s a brilliant warping electronic pop track – spiralling in and out of the chorus and instrumental breaks. Electronic sounds and pitch bends are morphed with strings to create a sense of confusion and reiterate that need to get out, on the run.

Cleo T. lives between Paris and Berlin. She’s released this record ahead of her debut album “And Then I Saw A Million Skies Ahead” coming out March 17th. We’ve been told to expect an experience from the album. It sees musicians from 11 countries collaborating, with different world music influencing this electro pop sound of Cleo T. “Art for all senses” they say.