Daily Discovery #125: Joy Downer

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Joy Downer

Daily Discovery #125: Joy Downer

A dazzling upbeat indie-pop number – here’s JOY DOWNER.

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This track Caught In Your Spell by Joy Downer is synth/indie/dream pop to cast a bit of haze over anything going on. It’s almost Valentine’s Day – so we had to pick a song with a slight love story didn’t we? It’s the beginning of a relationship, it’s exciting – but a little confusing…

“I am a pebble
And you’re a perfect storm
I wonder if you see me there
I’m laying on the shore”

This is the first single off their EP Radio Dreamer. Speaking about the track, this is what Joy Bishop and Jeff Downer, the two behind Joy Downer, had to say:

“It’s that universal feeling of when you start to get feelings for someone and it’s that crush stage. You don’t know if they are on the same page as you and going through that sort of frustration that you get. I loved Tamar’s idea of me being a stalker because sometimes you maybe feel like a stalker at points, you know? You start to feel like, oh my gosh they aren’t responding, I feel like a crazy person! I love that the video embodied that feeling and the concept was just perfect for this song.” 

The video puts a little twist on the ‘love story’ element…see what you think: