Daily Discovery #129: ARY

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Daily Discovery #129: ARY

One to get you humming along from the start – here’s ARY.

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The single drum beat creates a strong dramatic opening to a track that keeps giving. The vocal performance is really simple, it doesn’t really waver from the middle of the scale too much and this is really effective. It’s casual, almost talking with the invitingly warm tone to her voice. You’ll pick up the hang of it rather quickly.

ARY is from Norway and has released this track with Petroleum Records, out today. She has spoken to NME about the track and her musical career:

“2016 has been more about figuring out who I am as an artist and finding my sound, and I feel like I’m getting ready to finally release what I’ve made. I’m hoping my audience will like what I’ve become and that people will continue to come see our shows. We’re playing some really cool shows this summer, so I’m looking forward to that too.” – ARY