Daily Discovery #130: DAUNT

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Daily Discovery #130: DAUNT

A laid-back, truth-telling mellow track to start the week – here’s DAUNT.

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DAUNT has a mellow style, lingering on the words he says to create this middle land you find yourself in whilst listening to the track. The lingering on words, slow paced drums, and sliding between notes both musically and vocally is what gives an edge to this pop track. It’s experimental, but totally refined and perfected.

Drive is the first track released off the EP Unbearable Light due for release in Spring. Here’s where that lingering style has come from:

“Slow Pop, Influenced by swung hip-hop beats, classic soul rhythms and 70s funk/disco bass lines, as well as the genre- experimentation of artists like Beck or Glass Animals, DAUNT crafts unique pop that feels mature and refined.” – Daunt

If you like this one, take a listen to DAUNT’s last release: