Daily Discovery #134: Crystal Cities

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crystal cities

Daily Discovery #134: Crystal Cities

The dreamy guitar one with raspy but smooth vocals – here’s Crystal Cities

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Who’s Going To Save Us Now sets out as a dramatic and pacey number, but it soon settles into a dreamy version of a pop/rock track.  A little rocked-up version of The War On Drugs, or even Seeing Hands – the group we’ve pressed to limited edition vinyl for February’s record club edition.

Accompanying the track on their Soundcloud is a little insight into Crystal Cities’ world…

“We spent a year in our mate’s garage writing and recording some tracks. It got pretty dreamy (and sweaty)… and we’re digging it… it’s good to finally be out and giving you these tunes.

We’ll be dropping our debut E.P. in March. It’s called “Who’s Gonna Save Us Now”. This is also the title of the lead single (cause ya gotta have a single ya know…). Feels good to open the garage door and set these tracks free into the world and into ya ear holes.” – Crystal Cities

Crystal Cities “