Daily Discovery #135: SPINN

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Daily Discovery #135: SPINN

A splash of warmth to mask a little bit of sadness… here’s SPINN.

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Don’t be fooled by the warming guitar hooks and enticing pitch bends; this track by SPINN isn’t the happy go-lucky sound that the lyrics are wrapped up in. But either way, it’s an indie pop track that’s rather pleasing to listen to. It’s gentle and takes you an inch closer to those days of flip flops we can only dream about.

SPINN are a group from Liverpool and this is their third offering to the indie world. Speaking about Home to Dork (where the track premiered) vocalist and guitarist Jonathon Quinn gave a little insight into the thinking behind the track…

“This one’s probably our most shallow track. We went out to create a pop tune with not much meaning behind it, which is different to our other stuff, which usually has some kind of message or secret meaning. You could probably over analyse it if you really wanted to, and hail it as an homage to house party romances or a love letter. But, to be honest it’s just meant to be something that’s good for the ears.”