Daily Discovery #137: Keto

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Daily Discovery #137: Keto

A twang you just can’t shrug off – this is the incredible KETO

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There are those voices which make a group instantly recognisable, and that is what the vocalist behind Keto has got. A twang that’s utterly addictive. The blending of strings, guitar and violin, inĀ SuperstarĀ is another compelling factor in this track – the way they come together is totally mesmerising. A true piece of art which is warming, emotional, and beautiful.

When we’re born oh we take it for given,
but as we age we seem more driven
to wait and hope that in our hearts
that we’re loved as grace and vigour departs.

Keto are a four piece from Nottingham. They’ve just been on tour with Julia Jackson and hopefully have some more material up their sleeve when they get back…