Daily Discovery #13: Odina

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Daily Discovery #13: Odina

A bottle of wine, rain streaming down window panes and a big bar of chocolate. Odina has created the perfect accompaniment to a difficult time. With tender tones and beautiful simplicity, ‘You Loved Me, You Killed Me’  hits the heart strings.

Records provoke a reaction within the listener. Whether of joy, relaxation or that sniffling wreck after a tough break up, there’s a reason those tacky compilation CDs are put together. Not to suggest that ‘You Love Me, You Killed Me’ by Odina should end up on ‘Now That’s What I Call Songs To Listen To Shortly Before You Send THOSE Texts to You Ex’ (Catchy, huh?) However, as emotional soundtracks go, this is one to pour a large G&T to and mull thoughts over.

Odina sites her influences to those of Bon Iver and Keaton Henson and she, alongside these two, offers the same honest lyricism. With a warmth and a tenderness to every poetic quip, she delivers her debut record as she goes through a period of change. Moving from Barcelona to London and coming through a time of emotional vulnerability after a relationship breakdown, her track speaks directly to the listener.

There will be many superlatives thrown at her work over the coming weeks. This track is the first glimpse we have into her EP due on the 22nd of July. In its simplicity comes her rawness, her ability to connect through every reverberated chord. Enjoy the record, though for full immersion pour some of your favourite vino, turn the posh speakers on and put the scenery incorporated in her video onto the Apple TV. The full experience is ideal to let out that gentle sigh after a tricky week.

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