Daily Discovery #15: Hater

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Daily Discovery #15: Hater

With the sun blazing and this new track by HATER playing, you’ve got a perfect carefree summer’s day.

Electric guitars open the track, then in comes in a bar of a joyful bass which introduces the distant and blurry vocals. Soon the drums join in and you’ve really got a summery upbeat feel to the piece.

Although First Time is relaxed and perfect for a hot day; the lyrics have substance and meaning. Talking to GoldFlake Paint, Hater said “they’re not really happy songs, the music is definitely upbeat and catchy pop, but they all have an emotionally darker core.”

Behind the track is three guys and one girl from Malmö in Sweden – Caroline Sandahl covering the brilliant vocals and Måns Leonartsson, Adam Agace and Lukas Thomasson. Amazingly, Hater only formed at the beginning of the year and have already released their debut EP, Radius which is out now with PNKSLM Recordings. It features First Time and two more indie-pop greats; Plain Clothes Darling and Radius.

Clearly fast movers, Haters will be hitting the studio this summer aiming for an LP release later in the year. Impressive.

You can buy Hater‘s debut EP here and take a listen to the other two tracks below.

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