Daily Discovery #22: Amethysts

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Daily Discovery #22: Amethysts

Reflective, calming, and enticing. This synth pop release by AMETHYSTS features perfectly matched voices and building synth layers.

Amethysts is Simon and Clarice from Surrey and Essex and is a totally suiting name. The gem stone Amethysts reflects calmness, balance and peace. The duo’s perfect harmonies and slowly building layers totally mirror this.

As My Love opens you hear the sense of space which continues through the track with the slow drums adding to this.  The male/female harmonies sneak in opening with the chorus “My love won’t break away, won’t shake. My love won’t break away, won’t shake. My love”. As the lyrics move on to the verse – shake and break are repeated. In terms of lyrics, there’s a lot of repetition throughout. When matched with the layering of synths, guitar and drum, the track is fresh, spacious and almost hypnotising.

The track was recorded at their home studio and mixed by the Shuta Shined – the recording engineer and producer who has worked with Ghostpoet and Daughter.

The single My Love is available to buy on iTunes and to stream on Spotify too.