Daily Discovery #26: Liyv

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Daily Discovery #26: Liyv

As the lid of Liyv’s music box record slowly opens, the care and openness leaves you in a far more tender state. The track gives a snap shot into deep rooted emotion.

Without doubt, this is a record that feels like a gentle lullaby. Passive in sound, the melodic nature of Liyv’s track provides a clearer space for your mind, switching parts off and allowing feelings breathe. On closer inspection, there’s a deep rooted message passed on through the music. Telling the tale of a misplaced love, the ironic title ‘Now You Say You Love Me’ is something far too many will be able to relate to.

For years, you’ve loved someone, perhaps to the point of obsession. But it was a push-pull relationship. The more you loved them, the more they kept themselves from you, taking selfishly, giving nothing.

The irony comes from one of those instances that some will be very familiar with. Moments where you become obsessed with a new love but it isn’t reciprocated, until eventually, you begin the painful healing of moving on. It’s only after realizing that you’re no longer there, that your ‘love’ starts to take interest.

This person’s love is all you ever wanted. But now you have to say no when an old, dying part of you still remembers wanting to say yes. And all the while, the pain is alive: in the yes and in the no.

Now You Say You Love Me.

The track is available for free download and is released as part of a new project for the Seattle based artist. Liyv is embarking on an effort to record a new song every single month. Other titles include ‘Drowning’ and ‘V Lonely’.. Not to judge how her summer has been. She’s also busy working on an EP which is expected shortly.

Hear more of Liyv’s tracks below.. Or connect with her via the socials.

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