Daily Discovery #28: Ndella

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Daily Discovery #28: Ndella

Desperately replaying the relationship you had, wishing hindsight could change the past. This emotion packed track by NDELLA tells an all too familiar love story.

Even the opening chord sets you up for whats to come. A reflective, sorrowful piece clinging on to a memory – but where all hope has gone. It’s simple and calm. It’s acceptance battling with the struggle to let go.

Ndella’s voice draws you in to listen to the tale she needs to let out. The beautiful warmth to her voice strikes above the piano so you feel you personally are being told her story. Jumping between high and low notes this track really shows off a wonderful tone to her vocals across a wide range.

The lyrics to the track speak volume of the end of a relationship. “Don’t know why I thought things could change. Can’t get back to a different life.  Never want to say Goodbye. I wish sometimes I could tell you all the things I could’ve done a long time before.” 

As the story progresses, simple layers of electronic drum beats and phrases are introduced. Once her tale is complete, she repeats the phrase “Go on surprise us all, play the fool, say eh I can’t believe you thought I’d gone” until the very end. You’re left hanging on an emotional thread somehow swept into the end of the love story.

“Gone” has been released on label 37 Adventurers’ new compilation Odd Numbers amongst 12 other artists. You can download the digital version now, or pre-order the vinyl here.

At the time of writing this piece, Ndella has only 86 likes on Facebook. Pretty sure it won’t stay that way…