Daily Discovery #29: Emma Ruth Rundle

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Emma Ruth Rundell

Daily Discovery #29: Emma Ruth Rundle

This track belongs to EMMA RUTH RUNDLE and it deserves every oxymoron you can throw at it. Dark and enlightening. Grungy and beautiful. Tender and harsh.

With Emma Ruth Rundle lingering on every note, you’ll find yourself hanging on every word she says in this bitter story. It’s a track about love, but one that seems to have driven both parties to madness. It flits between gentle reasoning and angry outbursts. The full bodied chorus sees the vocals battling with the gritty guitar. It insinuates anger, aggression and never-ending emotion. You’re swept into the mess.

Marked for Death opens with an echoing electric guitar. It sounds almost hopeful until it’s joined by the slow drum beat and Emma’s beautifully sad vocals sliding between notes. It doesn’t take long before you’re hit with the chorus. Yes hit. It’s like being thrown a brick of emotion that invades you. “Who else is going to love someone like you that’s marked for death” is the poignant line.

We carry on swept away on this emotional rollercoaster until the very end when the chorus is flipped. “Who else is going to love someone like me thats marked for death”. They’re both crazy, on the edge. And now we are too.

Talking to Fader about the track, the LA based singer-songwriter said: “It’s a defeated love song of sorts: from the self loathing alcoholic in flames to her one time truly broken, lost and mentally ill friend.”

Marked for Death is the first and only track released ahead of the same titled album set for release in September. You can pre-order it, on a beautiful clear vinyl, here.