We All Have Weird Habits..

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We All Have Weird Habits..

It’s your pride and joy. Either hidden away for special occasions or suited and booted neatly in a frame above the turntable.

We all have that one record we’re ridiculously proud to own. Whether a rare charity shop find or something that has a deep meaning to you, in our collections some records occupy a unique place. For some though, it’s not just the vinyl that draws them into dedicating rooms to what is the hipster version of hoarding. In a quirky world, it’s time to go behind the scenes of those that are on the hunt for spiders.

Record Adapters

Recently, VoxBox Music received this request…

“Hello, I collect 45 rpm record adapters. I wonder if you happen to have some that I can buy? I attach some photos of what I am looking for. All colour variations are welcome. Please send a photo if possible.”

For those that don’t know, in the days where jukeboxes occupied musky old bars, singles were produced with large middles so they could be easily picked up by the player. Often European 7″ records were made with middles that could be popped out or dinked, making them compatible for both domestic and professional markets.

Slowly, in true 60s style, record companies started to take pride in the adapter’s appearance. Many became elegant in design with different companies coming up with their own style.









As with many quirky items, a niche community has formed. Some of the adapters and centres are very sought after. Realistically, once a record has popped, who would think to keep the central piece of plastic in a special place incase one day someone would want to add it to their collection?

For those reading this who do have an empty draw which is just begging for a small gathering of adapters, spiders and middles; don’t worry. There are a few sites dedicated to the items. In a way, when you look at them you can half understand what is appealing about them. As with many items of the decade, a lot of care has been put into making them look on point. Most of us quickly realise that becoming an anorak of this is a sure way to be 50, single and living at home. But for those that don’t… Here’s some resources to help you:

A book dedicated to adapters and spiders: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/miss-lilys-middles-spiders-centers-inserts-45/609596-01/

An assortment of photos from a collection: http://www.allvinylexperience.com/Vinyl_Accoutrements.html

Custom printed adapters: http://www.45rpmrecordadapters.com/