Daily Discovery #31: Sibling

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Daily Discovery #31: Sibling

A perfect blend of live instrument and electronics, this latest release of SIBLING is dark, dreamy and enticing. If you’re into London Grammar, prepare to be allured.

Sibling is the duo Bryan Osuszek and Elodie Tomlinson from Venice Beach, California. Revolve is their third release, and it is ahead of a forthcoming EP.

The track opens with the tinkling of high piano notes which crop up throughout the piece. They introduce a slight eeriness and create a somewhat haunted space. These delicate but atmosphere creating notes are paired with a building and ever changing electronic track. Pacey beats and a bass drum altering it’s pattern throughout keep the track progressing. As do the frequent transitions accompanied with breaks in the drum beats. Every second is engaging.

Now for Elodie’s vocals. She appears to mean every word she sings with every word packed with emotion. It’s the lower notes which really draw you in bringing effortless warmth to the track. When these echoing vocals are mixed with the haunting atmosphere, it’s rather uneasing. In the best way possible.

Siblings appear to have come on a journey since their previous release last month. Revolve is deeper; harder hitting with richer vocals. Westside is much more upbeat and pop ready. If anything, we can expect a great variety on their future EP.

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