Daily Discovery #32: TYNE

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Daily Discovery #32: TYNE

Tyne’s tone feels like a relaxed late evening up with friends, just as you hit lull before heading for the sack. Plus she mentions wellies.

There aren’t many records that surprise you with a cheeky wellington boot. Tyne’s latest delivery offers a relaxed slice of chill-pop which subtly draws the listener into the heart of the record. With expertly layered electronic production, Tyne’s vocal performance does the rest, delicately floating over the occasional growl beneath.

Lyrics are complex things. Beautiful word patterns that stir up feelings deep within. Here we feel a slight dissolution of love. Wanting to be ‘Somebody’s Something’ and using any means available to be accepted. From remarks as to how people take their tea the most important aim is to be “Nobody’s Nothing’

The great blog Breaking More Waves is responsible for today’s Daily Discovery. After featuring her many months ago they chart how the artist has developed. Tyne began life as Sarah Grace, releasing similar styled pop tunes. After what seems an age of all being quiet online and no new releases, the Cambridgeshire performer is back with a new name and what seems like a record deal too.

Discover more about the track and follow Tyne here: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud