Daily Discovery #33: INGLSH

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Daily Discovery #33: INGLSH

This electro-pop debut sees the delicate vocals of INGLSH floating above a synth layered mix. It’s peaceful yet speaks depth. A fragile snowflake falling with no intention of melting away.

Russian Roulette is the debut single of INGLSH, a 23-year old singer songwriter from LA. It’s full of sultry vocals, pulsing synths, electronic drum beats and gentle piano chords. The track opens quite calmly, thin on layers. We hear her enticing vocals above a warm piano and one simple electronic layer. Soon more layers are introduced, it’s got depth, and you wait for the rest of her story to be told in the next slimming back of electro layers.

Her gentle sultry vocals reflect what the track is all about. It’s a story of a common relationship scenario; heart vs head. Battling with wanting to stay but knowing the relationship is no good.

My will to live is breaking
So dangerous, I am fading.
You’re no good I know
But I can’t let you go.

The music video released alongside the track is just as beautifully put together. It’s black and white and features just INGLSH. Again, full of emotion and calming charm.

Russian Roulette is released ahead of her debut EP Prisoner No More set for release August 26 with De-Code LTD.