Daily Discovery #34: Seeing Hands

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Daily Discovery #34: Seeing Hands

For those that spent their school days staring out of classroom windows, SEEING HANDS have put a daydream into music form.

The first few notes of Seeing Hands ‘I Knew You’ provide one of those feelings.. A moment where troubles, concerns and stresses begin to wash away. As though entering a dreamy charm the reverb swirls around the vocals and jaunty guitars to form a cascading melody of magic.

Debut singles are built to make an impact. For those discovering Seeing Hands there will be comparisons to The War on Drugs and Real Estate. The new single shows their ability to create a hazy daze. That said, there’s precision built into the sound. Every now and again a grinning guitar will spark up, epitomizing the chill vibe to the track.

The group consists of Kev Curran (vocals, guitar), Nick Hodgson (lead guitar), Jon Varty (bass), and Liam Guillan (drums). Swirling their way out of Newcastle its expected an EP will be released shortly.

Connect with Seeing Hands here: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud