Daily Discovery #35: ESS SEE

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Ess See

Daily Discovery #35: ESS SEE

The sensual, warm and addictive vocals of ESS SEE will have you engrossed in this track from the word go. Seeping with desire, this debut stirs up all kinds of emotion.

The lingering beat throughout the first half of the record pulls you in. It’s the track’s backbone. The slow beat hangs on each note before making its way to the next. It demands a small bob in time from you and soon you’ll be letting go when the beat drops its hold, just to straighten up and start over.

This lingering beat brings the sense of attachment and not wanting to let go.  It cleverly reflects what the track is all about. Being madly in love with one person; they are their world. Here’s the chorus:

“And when you touch me I feel everything
And when you touch me I feel love
When you touch me I know everything
And when you touch me I know love.”

Now for the vocals. They’re stunning. During the verses where she’s almost talking, beautifully moving across near notes, you really hear the sultry tone. She holds a little something back, but you know this voice has the capability of belting out. And then finally, we hear it.

As the track nears the end, it introduces an immense build to leave you needing more. The vocals become more powerful as she lets out more emotion. It’s a big crescendo with almost choir-like backing vocals added behind the chorus. And then it ends. Sudden. And you want it back.

This track has been uploaded for a month so it is thanks to the wonderful blog Crack In The Road that it’s popped up in HypeMachine and we’ve taken a listen.