Daily Discovery #36: Nilüfer Yanya

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Daily Discovery #36: Nilüfer Yanya

The debut from Nilüfer Yanya speaks words wiser than her years. With glorious simplicity she holds your attention through every stanza.

There are too many distractions in life. From chores to Pokemon Go, our heads are crammed with a never ending list of sites to explore. Every now and again though, something so simple can cause a lapse in this continuous quest. A sunny day, stunning views, or a record so captivating it could bring a bar to a hushed standstill. Enter Nilüfer Yanya.

With deliciously delicate simplicity the London based artists has carved out a soulful narrative in her debut ‘Small Crimes’. Without the addition of huge production you feel the true impact of intimate vocals layered over wafts of mellow guitar. There’s a soft, warm feel to the record that’s enrapturing through to the last drop.

The track has been released through Blue Flowers and has already featured on many prominent blogs. At only 21 years old Nilüfer Yanya tone is one which has a feel of many more years experience.

Discover more by following her socials and stream her debut record ‘Small Crimes’ above.