Daily Discovery #38: LUUNA

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Daily Discovery #38: LUUNA

Birds, drips and lapping guitars make up this beauty from LUUNA. Their latest track feels like a spa break for you mind.

There’s a remarkable layering of textures making up the latest release from LUUNA. Not many tracks can boast backing vocals from the dawn chorus or poor plumbing to add extra spice to a record. With the flowing of water gently lapping around the classy guitar licks and mellow vocals, LUUNA have produced a track that feels like a summer’s day spent on a lilo. Although, the occasional bird chirping in the background makes for an interesting image of the studio.

With elements of Moby and a touch of I-Monster’s Daydream the track comes from a project funded by PRS for Music. The overall mellow feel to the record matches the intimate vocals beautifully, with lyrics being provided by feminist poet Emily Harrison. Instantly the track has a calming and warm feel to it. The kind of warmth you only get when you allow your mind to drift off into a pool of its own thoughts.

There’s not much information surrounding the group to hand, although they’ve featured on national radio and are starting to form a following on many blogs. They produce music in York, but their genre is possibly one of the most charming you’ll read. Rather than looking for something to describe the eclectic mix of sounds and textures the group go for the simplicity of ‘Genre: Purelove’. Perfect.

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