Daily Discovery #39: Hazel English

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Hazel English

Daily Discovery #39: Hazel English

This indie-pop track by HAZEL ENGLISH will leave you with a stark conflict of emotion. Don’t be fooled by the care-free indie-pop sound, it is just a front. A barrier keeping the inside from collapsing out.

Hazel English has created a really clever piece of art. It’s beauty is in the simplicity of the sound. What seems an almost upbeat summer track is a facade, concealing the true emotion and meaning to the track. It is about anxiety and having to put on a front. Whether suffering anxiety or not, a lot of us have pretended we’re fine on the outside whilst melting inside. I’m Fine uses that to hit home about the magnitude of anxiety and having to deal with that feeling everyday of your life.

Speaking to Wonderland Magazine where the track premiered, Hazel said:
I wrote “I’m Fine” about dealing with anxiety. It’s about struggling with something nobody else can see and trying to act like everything is fine when it’s really not.””

The vocals of Hazel push this meaning through too with innocent soft vocals slightly processed. In between the emotional and deep lyrics are relatively happy sounding ‘o-oh’s – again mimicking the shiny surface hiding the mess behind it. She’s accompanied by a gritty and raw electric guitar playing catchy hooks and an electronic melody which lightens the track.

“I can’t deny I’m paralysed from the inside 
Everyday I wake to feel the same 
And everytime you ask me how I’m feeling 
I just smile and tell you that I’m fine.”

I’m Fine is off her five track EP Never Going Home. It will be available on limited edition 12″ vinyl and is due for release 7th October. To pre-order the EP, go here.