Daily Discovery #40: Jade Bird

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Daily Discovery #40: Jade Bird

Enchantingly intimate, Jade Bird often takes the ordinary and twists it into something extra special.

To call Jade Bird a new artists would be unfair. Her two additions to Soundcloud have been patiently waiting for keen ears to discover them for over a year. However, with a new EP due shortly and a series of video session emerging online, now is the time to discover Jade’s eclectic sound.

Performing around London, Jade is starting to get a name for herself. Usually performing stripped back acoustic songs, she delivers them with soft stirring passion with the odd surprise thrown in along the way. As pointed out by Breaking More Waves, one minute there’s a country tune, the next there’s a near rap.

The original posting online has a warm, vintage fuzz to the track. With a slight lo-fi approach to the vocals, it’s full of grit with a bluesy guitar licking its way around the record. Just as you settle in to the nostalgic feel Jade bursts into full life, getting slightly heavier, displaying what potential she possesses.

Other than to tell you what a basic Google search can muster up, there’s not a huge amount of information surrounding Jade Bird. We know she attended the Brit school and is currently preparing an EP for launch shortly. There’s also a host of sessions that’s she’s recorded and so without further ado, settle down and get those hits up.