Daily Discovery #41: Ghost Suns

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Ghost Suns

Daily Discovery #41: Ghost Suns

Toeing the line between sun and shade, this is the chilled, upbeat and slightly mysterious electronic release of GHOST SUNS.

An upbeat opening with a catchy synth hook hints at a smiling pop track where all is perfect and you couldn’t be happier. But then the downplayed vocals don’t match and realisation hits that it’s so much more than another happy summer’s day soundtrack. There’s a raw bare tone to the vocals, and the effortless harmonies float both higher and lower than the main vocal and mirror this. It’s a pop track which could be paired with powerful loud in your face vocals – but instead we hear the soft, almost held-back words of Lola. A powerful pairing which gives a much greater impact.

Behind Ghost Suns are Lola and Jeremy, a French duo now living in London. According to Fierce Panda who released their single, the pair have not once performed live. Although no live sets to see, they have released a video for Wait Out. They describe themselves as “obscure electro, bright pop” and the video definitely represents the obscure part. It’s a little odd, featuring the outline of a man moving and dancing around with birds and fish popping up now then… It’s probably better you watch it yourself so here it is:

“It’s like the internal conflict we all face between the reality of things, and the constant trivial matters to bare the emptiness” – Ghost Suns to Fierce Panda.

A full EP will be released on October 28th.