Daily Discovery #43: Dead Light

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Daily Discovery #43: Dead Light

Dead Light’s debut speaks of emotional struggle when moving house and starting a new life. With glorious textures, it’s truly heart touching.

The beginning of a new life isn’t one that’s always easy. The turmoil of leaving behind favourite places, a home and of course the people that make it is always present, before even a box has been packed. For Dead Light this change has proved a challenge. Heading out of London to the countryside they find themselves in a unique position between new found serenity and a dislocation from their family and friends.

Launching their debut single ‘Blooms’ you can’t help but be enchanted by the textures layered onto the record. With an all absorbing warmth it feels as though a new day is dawning with a slight mist and haze on the horizon. Beginning with an ambient drone, the nature of their recording process fills the soundscape with fiery crackles and pops before an intimately recorded piano flutters in. Mic’d up close, the soft gentle, repetition of the notes bring a closer connection to the sound.

The duo’s recording process is intriguing. Using piano and cello they also build the layers through experimenting with analogue techniques. With tape, Dead Light add drones by exposing it to sunlight, vinegar and microwaves. Curious sound patterns arise and add to the feel of the record.

The track is available to stream now with a Gregory Euclide piece acting as its cover art. Pre-orders are currently being taken for the debut album out via Village Green.

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