You Can Now Print Led Zeppelin Records

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You Can Now Print Led Zeppelin Records

In a unique twist of nostalgia meeting the modern day, you can now print out a record at home. As long as you have a 3D printer and some of the other stuff in this article.

Vinyl is back. You can’t escape it. Supermarket aisles, magazine supplements, even discount stores. For those that weren’t around during vinyl’s heyday, it feels as though we are now once again reaching its zenith. Whilst the humble record is still a long way off its peak in the 70s and 80s, thanks to one man’s new DIY discovery you could be printing records at home.

Fisher Price Record Player

Fine, it may not be exactly what you were thinking. This is the Fisher Price ‘Record Player’ music box. A fun, chunky, plastic way to get the kids into playing and enjoying music in the best way there is. Introduced in 1971, the Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player has instilled a love of music in children for generations. You simply place one of the five double-sided records on the turntable, wind it up and place the “needle” on the record to hear classic renditions of ten timeless melodies. Up until now those melodies mainly revolved around ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and ‘Three Blind Mice’ however, that’s about to change.

On Instructables, user Fred27 has launched a tutorial to bring new sounds to the Fisher Price system. After working out a complicated method of drilling he has now changed his approach to 3D printing. By places the correct notches in the right places, the music plucks the right notes for various tunes. Obviously filling a niche for a few users, there are now versions of the Star Wars Theme, You are My Sunshine and Stairway to Heaven to be downloaded.

Printed Records

With the ability to custom print records, no doubt a new market will open up. There’s the possibility of websites, tucked away in dark recesses, with new blueprints of famous tunes. Who knows how hipster primary school kids can become these days. That said, there is a charm to the idea, especially when creating unique looking discs as the 3D injet whirs away in the corner. If you’re not one of the fortunate owners of a 3D printer, at a cost there are various sites online offering the service. Or just go to the record shop and buy it properly.

Discover more on the project by checking out Fred27 Instructables page.