Blood for Vinyl?

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blood for vinyl

Blood for Vinyl?

If you are a fan of new music and vinyl, you’ll understand the extreme difficulty leaving a record shop; waving goodbye to that bundle of wax beauties you want so desperately. Bank balance vs heart – it is always a battle. But one guy seems to have it sussed.

Vinyl can be an incredibly expensive interest when there is so much good music around. You want to support the artists, and experience their music on the most exciting format around. But of course, like everything nice in life, it comes at a price. When there are so many great artists you want to keep up with, only a handful will be fortunate enough to afford every record they could want.

Reddit user ‘ElvisIsATimeLord’ is one of them. It’s not because of a fancy high-paying job, substantial lottery winnings or an insurance payout. It’s because he donates his plasma and uses the payment to buy more records.

Here’s what he shared on Reddit:

“I donate plasma to finance my vinyl addiction. My local plasma donation center pays $65 a week and that allows me to buy pretty much all the vinyl I want. Plus, I’m helping my fellow man. Plasma is used to make vaccines, medications, to help burn victims, and other uses I’m sure that I am missing.”

His regularly donation also allows him to stumble across new artists:

“Sometimes the albums are new and sometimes they are old.  Sometimes I know a lot about the bands and sometimes I take a chance.”

That’s exactly what happened with this record – Moondoggies: Adiós I’m A Ghost

Blood for vinyl

“I consider the money I earn from donating plasma to be free money, so I like to roll the dice on records because I have nothing to lose.  This album is one of those gambles and one of those times that I could not tell what kind of music I was in for.” – Here. 

You can see all the records purchased because of his plasma donations on his website. It’s quite an interesting read too – every post goes into detail about the record and you’ll learn a little about the guy too:

“I have an unhealthy affinity for Elvis music.  I believe him to be the single most important person in music history and I would be glad to explain my reasoning over a few beers.” – Here.

“What is the best dollar that you’ve ever spent?  This album is it for me.  I found a copy of L.A. Woman at an estate sale for a single dollar.  Deal of the century.” – Here.