Daily Discovery #44: Jessie Reyez

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Daily Discovery #44: Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez combines the beauty of a stripped back performance with her unique vocal style. In a waltz of pure emotion, her debut is truly captivating.

There’s a temptation when releasing a debut record. You want it to sound the best, the most catchy, the most poignant, and sometimes that can spoil what are the foundations of a beautiful song. They don’t always need the kitchen sink thrown at them to be ear catching. This stunner from Jessie Reyez proves just that. Unsigned, her debut is beginning to pick up recognition from the blogging world. In a powerful, soul filled, hymn she conjures up such raw emotion that you’re captivated through to the last word.

The feel to the record has a nostalgia to it. With a crisp electric guitar and organ swaying in the background, the waltz feels like something you’d find in a late evening 60s bar, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The captivating vocals from Jessie exude confidence and attitude. It’s a straight middle finger to anyone that has crossed you in love during the past. Whilst showing how we all can feel in the height of vulnerability, the unique charm to the track is how beautifully Jessie Reyez’ voice combines with the rest of the production.

Working in Toronto, it’s understood that the release is a teaser to an album due later in the year. One thing’s for certain, the mood and effect that she captures through the 3 minutes 57 is one that will leave you mulling past time is your mind.

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