How to DJ with a Pizza Box

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How to DJ with a Pizza Box

Pizza Hut have created the world’s first playable Pizza Box. It doubles up as a DJ control.

Who’s not been in this situation? Invite a few friends over, order pizza and before you know it you’re wishing you had taken the time to set up your decks and perform a full DJ set. One of those problems in life that will never be solved.. Until now.

Using something that can only be described as magic, Pizza Hut have launched a new pizza box that doubles up as playable wheels of steel. It links to your phone or laptop and is compatible with software such as Serato. The box is battery powered and features the ability to scratch, cross fade and even has a sync button. You can see it in use by Rinse FM’s DJ Vectra below:

The box works by using conductive ink created by electronics specialist Novalia. The only thing it doesn’t show is how well the box will perform when layered in pizza grease and chunks of mozzarella… Maybe the odd pineapple.

To get your hands on one, you need to be pretty lucky. It’s only being launched in 5 stores in the UK and you have to watch Pizza Hut’s twitter feed to see when the take-out boxes are being released. Cynics may say it’s a marketing scam however, the finder of the Bristol decks is the true winner.

Perhaps we should change the name from Pizza Hut to Pizza House.