Custom turntables. Need we say more?

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Custom Turntable from Jarrett Acoustics

Custom turntables. Need we say more?

Browsing through endless pictures of vinyl and turntables is a right of passage at Hurd. Every now and again we stumble across something that we just have to share. Via reddit, these are custom turntables by Jarett Acoustics.

JT2 Persia. Natural stone chassis in the colors of Persian deserts, ultra high torque 16 pole brushless quartz controlled motor. 28 kg (62 lbs) that rest on 4 adjustable height vaseline-filled supports for best 3D vibration dampening action.

JT2 Persia. Natural stone chassis in the colors of Persian deserts.

Based in Romania, the company have been making custom made players since 2001. Using materials not usually associated with record players they adapt the decks to suit the personality and style of the individual customer.

With unique designs they live up to the company motto, something we can all say amen to..

We started manufacturing audio turntables having in mind the idea of “No Compromise”, including special rare materials, handcrafting where every other producer does it industrially, because it is for playing music. And music itself is for the soul.
Music is to be listened with the eyes, not just with the ears. Music is not to be heard, is to be LISTENED

Have a flick through and drool over some of the projects. Just as a word of warning.. Before you dig out the screw driver and block of arty drift wood you found last week.. This is not something to destroy your Technics for unless you know what you’re doing!

Find out more here: Jarett Acoustics