Is this the worst invention ever?

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Is this the worst invention ever?

Vintage and retro is modern day fashion… A steam powered turntable may push that a bit too far!

Music comes in all shapes and sizes. From airy acoustic to brash, blistering punk. The way music is enjoyed shouldn’t really alter the sound… Obviously vinyl is the king of the medium, although this invention may make even the most ardent audiophile turn their back.

Please welcome the steam powered turntable.

steam powered turntable



In what is possibly one of the world’s most useless inventions, there is still a charm to this unique item. Built from bits and pieces found lying around in a garage, Simon Lanson developed the deck to see if it would work. Whilst there are still problems in controlling the speed and amount of steam produced.. He has managed to do something quite extraordinary. That said.. When you see the video you might decide that actually even a Crosley player might do a better job…

The appearance and feel to the player is full of charm and character. It’s steampunk.. Despite Simon hating the term, it is in that iconic style… And besides if he wanted to avoid it being called that perhaps he shouldn’t have chosen a punk record.. On a player powered by steam.