Daily Discovery #46: L.A. Spring

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Daily Discovery #46: L.A. Spring

With a fun, jaunty vibe, L.A. Spring remind us of summer in their indie pop debut.

September. The month where life comes crashing back to reality. Summer holidays over, the count down to Christmas starts with the Xfactor back on the tele and it’s time to take that manky old tissue out of your winter coat. However, for those wanting to cling on to some form of sunny feeling, the debut by L.A Spring is bursting with indie pop goodness.

Officially released on the 11th of November it features everything this genre needs. Jaunty guitars, a catchy chorus and a feel of optimism. In a similar vein to Little Comets and Theme Park, it details the anguish of a boy falling for a girl but surprise surprise the girl doesn’t fall for him.. Or even remember who he is. With references to tinder and the complications of love in 2016, there’s a slight satire to the record.

L.A. Spring are a fairly new band to the indie fold. Releasing Passerby as their debut they are 3 mates who got together and decided to write music. Intent of enjoying the ride and seeing where it takes them, their first gig is being hosted at The Victoria in Dalston on the 20th of September.

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