Daily Discovery #47: Past You

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Past You

Daily Discovery #47: Past You

A complicated, messed up relationship put against a pleasing and warm dreamy-pop track. You’ll whirl into this daydream by PAST YOU as soon as the low muffled vocals hit.

With You Now appears almost hopeful with a pushy beat and bubbling sounds, but the lyrics don’t seem to match. Is it all okay or not? Are we meant to be happy or sad? It doesn’t matter one iota. Let the composition wash across you and steal your thoughts for almost seven minutes.

Listening to this latest release of New York based Past You makes the seven minutes pass by in what feels like one. It doesn’t drag, it doesn’t get boring, it doesn’t get repetitive. It keeps building and deserves the full 6 minutes 48 seconds it’s been given – and then at least one repeat.

Besides the beautifully dreamy pop backing, the man and woman layered vocal lines are really special. Both effortlessly beautiful, they’re the perfect pairing to attract you into their little daydream.

The track appears to be about one of those relationships with unequal feelings. But with conflicting messages, neither party is really sure of where they stand:

“Love is gone but in your head
Baby I’m with you now and you are the one.
Was it real, was it wrong,
Baby I need you now, cos you are the one.”

After the love, there’s the downfall:

“I can’t, I can’t stay with you,
I’m just a memory and you’re not awake.
Loved you, you can’t keep me here
When you’re on something new, something so real.”

The slow build is captivating and somehow, despite the sad reality of the lyrics, it’s really warming and relaxing to listen to.

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