Daily Discovery #48: I am Karate

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Daily Discovery #48: I am Karate

Using precise percussion and a multitude of sounds, I Am Karate give a groove to the destruction of relationships.

Somebody had to say this. Put down the pottery wheel, stop with those symbols and switch off Unchained Melody… Despite creating music about heartbreak and the destructiveness of relationships, Swedish pair I am Karate couldn’t be more different to those classic notes from the Righteous Brothers. In Swayze, they demonstrate their ability to craft catchy, meaningful pop with aplomb.

The single pounds and crunches into life from the get go. Using catchy samples the duo, Erika Soldh Ahlström and Marta Pettersson, manipulate their voices and instruments to build up a seismic sound. The record is extremely well produced with layers varying from glitch to atmospheric keys, all intertwining over precise percussion giving the track a certain groove.

In an interview with The Guardian the partners shed some light into their working process. There’s no big studio equipment here. Living in a shared house, or collective as they call it, they use a bedroom as their main recording space. With a laptop, soundcard, midi keyboard and Logic they can create this uncompromising sound.

The track comes from a follow up to their debut EP which was released in July.

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