Playing a Tree Trunk

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Tree Vinyl

Playing a Tree Trunk

Ever looked at the rings on a tree and wondered what they sound like? Probably not. But there is a way…

An artist has created a turntable which translates the natural lines on a tree trunk into music – each tree and pattern creating a different melody. It is a special creation though – so don’t try this on your own turntable; it’ll just break it…

It is the work of Bartholomäus Traubeck. As the tree rotates on the bespoke ‘record player’, a PlayStation Eye Camera analyses the tree rings. The information it picks up is relayed to software on a computer which then uses the data to translate the pattern into music. Strength, thickness and colour are some of the criteria which affect the end sound.

Tree Trunk Vinyl

Eight tracks were recorded of different trees, and they were pressed to real wax 12″ vinyl, just 500 of them. The bad news, they will most certainly have run out by now.