Daily Discovery #51: Genders

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Daily Discovery #51: Genders

A well constructed blockage of noise with floating vocals and a catchy riff. Here is the brilliant statement of GENDERS.

The gritty electric guitars crash together in the intro of Never Belonged To You to make raucous but aligned sound. But it doesn’t continue, yet. The guitars relax back to make way for the airy vocals. Its a harmonious balance of incredible energy and calm rest. Like waiting for the thunder in the breaks of the storm. And it repeats. Until we build to the chorus.

The electric guitar riffs drag on notes and in times mirror the vocals. They are brilliantly catchy and heighten the energy throughout the track. It’s a brilliantly composed track – its many sections come and go as oppose to just one pattern for the chorus and one simple phrase for the verse – and that makes it a really pleasing listen.

It evokes energy and brings out a can do attitude, but in the times of softness it leans more to a feeling of reflection. The four piece from Oregon give their genre as “fuzzy dream rock” – and it is totally accurate.

“But I never belonged to you, I never belonged to anyone” is the line of the chorus that builds alongside a drumbeat up to the reintroduction of the guitar and the full layers. For the final minute of the piece, the softness disappears and we are left with the loud guitar riffs and crashing drums until the last note which is left to fade you out of their world.