Daily Discovery #52: Pip Blom

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Daily Discovery #52: Pip Blom

After releasing an EP using a 3 string guitar, Pip Blom is ready to show off her lo-fi fuzz in her next installment.

“You’ll never guess who I’ve had in the back of my cab… This girl… Pip Blom her name. It turns out she’s a musician with influences of Courtney Barnett and Parquet Courts who mostly embraces the elements of DIY… Yeh.. she wrote and released a song about me”

It’s something we’ve all sat through. Mundane small talk. But somewhere in Glasgow there is a Taxi driver having that conversation. For Pip Blom, a trip around the Scottish city influenced this wonderfully bright piece of work. An insight she gave to Fame Magazine

‘The taxi drivers in Amsterdam suck. Almost all of them are rude and racist. I’m always reluctant to go with a taxi, because you know you’ve got to have a stupid conversation. But this one time, when I was on holiday in Glasgow, we had a taxi driver who was such a nice man. We had a great conversation and he was very considerate and intelligent. I really loved him so I decided to write a song about him.’

Inspiration can come in the oddest of places, sometimes strangers can give that edge over writer’s block. In our first insight in the Dutch musician’s up coming EP, we hear all that lo-fi guitar driven charm that creates a hazy fuzz around the edge of the record. Propelled by ragged hooks, the song builds to a huge chorus climbing with momentum through to very end.

In each blog post on the record, there’s instant comparisons to Courtney Barnett. You can definitely hear how her sound weaves its way into the track. It’s something which Pip doesn’t shy away from, saying that after seeing her live who wouldn’t want to emulate some parts of the show. As she says ‘there are worse people to get compared to’

Pip is working on releasing her next EP. Due in September, Are We there Yet, is being released Via Toaster Records with a short UK tour to follow.

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