Daily Discovery #54: INCA MAPS

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Daily Discovery #54: INCA MAPS

Setting the scene with intricate guitars and soaring falsetto vocals, allow Inca Maps to transport you to a better place.

Break ups aren’t always a bad thing. Let’s be frank, when you’re involved they suck, but where would the world of music be without them? In 2012 Inca Maps lead singer Matt Tilling parted from Uni group ‘Three Pairs of Shoes.’ After moving to London to explore new sonic ideas, he joined up with synth enthusiasts Leo Morgan and Tim Horne. Pop  them all in a mix together and you create the unique soundscape on INCA MAPS.

On first listening, comparisons would be instantly drawn towards Foals and Alt J with a hefty slice of Wild Beast contributing too. The beauty of the track comes through Matt’s falsetto vocals, soaring like a young Aled Jones (Okay.. Fine.. But you try to find a choir boy simile)  over a rumbling bass line. Intricate guitars and synths combine to build the textures through the track resulting in a record that is both delicate and punchy at the same time.

From research it seems that ,before turning to the studio to get some tracks laid down, INCA MAPS have been honing their sound on stage. With a handful of London dates on the horizon, it will be intriguing to see how a single so rich in colour would translate live. As a band beginning on their journey, many eyes will be focusing on what will follow.

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